About Us

Vijesti media group is the biggest media company in Montenegro. We are consisted of TV, daily newspapers, online portal – all those platforms are under brand VIJESTI, and we publish also political weekly magazine Monitor.

We have a staff of over 200 people, and a multimedia portfolio of the most read print and digital edition and the most viewed tv station. Our comparative advantage is in innovative technologies and sustainable solutions, and social responsibility is one of the foundations of our business practices.

TV Vijesti are the most viewed TV station in Montenegro since December 2016, with the most popular informative program since the beginning of measuring of such data (e.g., Vijesti’s news at 18:30h are the most viewed TV content in Montenegro since January 2015 according to all research). And although having only 80 employees, TV Vijesti have the largest share of own produced content (30%) in the country, whereas according to the research, out of the 20 most popular TV contents in Montenegro, 11 were from TV Vijesti.

Portal Vijesti was formed 12 years ago and is the most popular portal in Montenegro almost ever since, with more visitors and views than all other news portals together in Montenegro. Portal Vijesti has more than 2 million users per month, more than 100 million open pages and more than 1 billion pageviews on all platforms during in 2022. Portal Vijesti although has more than 90k comments per month (3 double has been more deleted) and almost 4.5k articles per month (and what is unique case on Balkan 64% are news from politics, society, world and culture and just 3% from showbiz and entertainment). Also we have very popular political columns which generate between 50 do 100k impressions per article

About us
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The newspaper started on 1 September 1997 and during 25 years it has been most credible and influential media in Montenegro.

Vijesti are the most trustworthy and important independent media in Montenegro, according to all research and data conducted in recent years. The size and strength of our system obligate us to raise issues and launch drives of significance for the entire society.


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Aiden White, ex journalist of The Guardian and IFJ General secretary, founder of Ethical Journalism Network:

In Montenegro you have only several media, that could be truly called independent, that are ready to hold the authorities to account, and these media, especially Vijesti group, are the most attacked. However, it is important to emphasize, looking what the public supports, than it is independent journalism, and that is true in Montenegro as well as anywhere else. The most circulated newspaper, and the most reliable TV station, are coming from under the same roof, and that is the Vijesti group. They are independent, the public supports them and it is a group that refuses to be a pro-government or politically biased media.”



Company name: L. L. C. "Daily Press" Publishing Business